The Okanagan lifestyle

Every person living in the Okanagan has done it at least once. Usually on a busy day, with lots to do, people just stop, take a breath, look around and think, “Wow, I actually live here.”

The Okanagan lifestyle is about golf and wine, cherries fairly dripping off orchard trees, jumping in the lake to cool off, lazy houseboat rides and exhilarating runs down snow covered mountains.

Nature is always present in the Okanagan and forms an important part of the lifestyle here. Forested mountains are always in view. Okanagan Lake is like a welcoming friend.

Nowhere does the Okanagan lifestyle seem more natural than in Peachland. Things are a little slower, a little more relaxed. Deer forage in town in the winter and on summer days eagles soar high above.

Ponderosa is uniquely positioned to offer the best of the Okanagan lifestyle to residents and visitors. It’s a community that encourages play and discovery.

Well crafted homes take advantage of impressive views. The community winds it way through rock and forest along with the championship Ponderosa golf Course.

The Ponderosa Village will offer dining, shopping, strolling and a chance to connect with neighbours. The winery will bring the Okanagan’s signature drink to your door.

Enjoy the surroundings. Relish in daily life. You deserve to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Ponderosa. Live the good life.