Ponderosa is very much about partnerships. Ponderosa the community and Ponderosa the golf course could not have happened without unique, goals-aligned partnerships that made the foundation for this awesome idea to become a reality.

The development wraps around the base of Pincushion Mountain, above the town of Peachland on the western edge of the Okanagan Valley. It is the traditional territory of the Okanagan people.

In a historic partnership, the Ponderosa team joined Westbank First Nation to develop the Ponderosa lands. The team brings years of development and construction expertise to the table. Westbank First Nation is a progressive government with a deep understanding of the natural environment.

Greg Norman brings his considerable expertise with the game of golf to Ponderosa. One of the world’s best known professional golfers, Norman is designing a signature golf course at Ponderosa. But just how did someone of Norman’s calibre end up in one of the Okanagan’s smallest communities to build a championship course?

It’s really quite the story, involving a charity golf tournament, a helicopter and a gentleman’s handshake. Ask us about it.